Simplex and Eurocopter demonstrate high rise firefighting capability

Simplex Manufacturing and Eurocopter have completed a demonstration of Simplex’s newest High Rise Firefighting system for the Eurocopter EC225 in Hong Kong as part of the China Air Show.

Simplex developed the system for the EC225 after a successful development and deployment of a high rise fire fighting system on an AVIC H-425 in China last year.
Simplex will continue to expand its fleet of high rise fire fighting systems to the Russian build KA-32, China built AC313, and other helicopter models in the coming months.
The High Rise Firefighting systems utilize Simplex’s extensive fleet of certified fire fighting tanks. Simplex is the only company in the world with certified fire fighting tanks for both the EC225 and KA-32 helicopters. The system developed for the EC225 utilizes the Simplex Manufacturing fire fighting tank for the EC225 in addition to the Simplex Hydra Foam Cannon.
The Simplex Hydra Foam Cannon is the result of several years of research and development on the best methods for aerial firefighting from a helicopter.
Simplex’s Hydra Foam system integrates leading edge technologies including a FLIR EVS3 infrared camera to assist firefighters in seeing the fire through smoke. The system also includes a laser range finder to provide accurate distance measurement to the building.
The system utilizes a Simplex certified boom from the recently STC’d Simplex Power Line Washing System. The boom extends outside the rotor tips for the best possible effectiveness in firefighting. The Simplex Hydra Foam System can be installed in a helicopter in approximately 15 minutes, providing operational flexibility allowing the helicopter to be used for other missions.
The system also has large dump doors to allow the helicopter to drop water and foam vertically on structures and wildland fires. Mark Zimmerman, President and CEO of Simplex Manufacturing, said the “new system gives fire fighters around the world a safer more effective tool to fight high rise fires”.
Mr. Zimmerman went on to say that this system will allow fire fighters more time to get to people at risk in high rise building fires, saving both lives and property. He further remarked that “recent high rise fires in both Korea and China have illuminated the need for city fire fighters to have this newly developed capability.
The use of helicopters for inter-city fire fighting will continue to grow as helicopters are rapidly deployable free of city traffic congestion”. Founded in 1946, Simplex has built a reputation as the leader in design, manufacturing, and certification of mission equipment for helicopters. Simplex maintains its industry leadership by incorporating the latest technology in design and manufacturing systems from high-strength, low-weight composite materials to produce cost-effective systems for firefighting and other aerial applications.

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