VIDEO: CalFire Destroys Vehicle with Aerial Firefighting Salvo to Illustrate Dangers

Calfire this week launched a new safety video aimed at the public and ground based fire crews to illustrate the dangers of remaining in an area where a retardant or water drop is about to take place.

The agency illustrated those dangers in the video by loading on of the state agency’s Grumman S-2 firebombers with Phos-Check retardant and conducting a controlled drop over a late 1990’s model Ford Explorer at their Hemet-Ryan fire base.

The S-2 then dropped 9000lbs on the parked vehicle at close range, scoring a direct hit and obliterating the roof of the vehicle to illustrate the force and weight of a retardant drop. The video continues on to further educate on the potential risks involved and to stress the importance of not remaining in an area that aerial firefighting operations are taking place due to the dangers involved as illustrated in the video.

Watch the video below.

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