VIDEO: Firefighting Helicopters Take to the Sky at Night in Colorado

Wildfires don’t stop burning when the sun goes down. Now firefighters in Colorado are training to fight the flames from the air at night.

It’s something most crews around the country don’t allow. Colorado is the first state in the nation to let helicopters fighting fires to fly after dark.

“We’re the first helicopter within the state of Colorado to explore helicopter night operations and we’re the first state organization in the United States to do that,” said Whitney Murphy, the helicopter manager for the Division of Fire Prevention and Control Canon Helitak. “If there’s something that we can do to help these communities that are affected by wildland fires, which there have been more and more of each year, of course, I think we owe it to everyone to do what we can.”

Read more on this story and watch the video at KUSA9 Colorado

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