Supertanker Puts Out Fire in Tarija, Bolivia

La Paz,  (Prensa Latina) The Supertanker, considered the largest aerial firefighting air tanker in the world, this Monday is working to put out the fires reported in the Bolivian department of Tarija (south).

‘The Boing 747-400 SuperTanker aircraft operating over the fire hotspots in the vicinity of Tarija city. Rotary-wing aircraft (helicopters) will be added in the next few hours to completely mitigate the fires,’ Justice Minister Hector Arce tweeted.

According to local reports, the fire began yesterday in the community of Rincon de La Victoria and then spread to Alto Senac and Turumayo. There, members of the Armed Forces, volunteers and the local community are fighting the flames, which are revived by the wind.

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