Australian Prime Minister Faces Angry Locals as Evacuations Continue

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison faced the ire of angry locals and firefighters during a recent visit to the town of Cobargo, one of the towns partially devastated by fires that killed a father and son in the small farming community.

Apparently oblivious to the body language (as seen in the footage below) of exhausted firefighters, Morrison was snubbed by both local residents and firefighters during the visit as he tried to force a handshake with a firefighter who audibly stated he did not want to shake hands with the Prime Minister who is under intense scrutiny as many view him and the federal government doing far too little to combat the worst fires to hit Australia in its over 200-year history.

Last week, the Morrison government announced an additional $11 million to assist in aerial firefighting efforts, although many Australians view this as too little too late as aerial firefighting crews fight around the clock to save people and property as over 200 fires rage around the country.

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