NAFC Requests Input on Drone Use for Aerial Firefighting in Australia

    Australia’s National Aerial Firefighting Center (NAFC) released a survey today t0 investigate use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) in Fire and Emergency Management and the possibilities of expansion.

    This survey released by NAFC is seeking further understanding of the current extent of RPAS use, how they are utilized, the types of systems being used, opportunities, and constraints to developing their use by agencies.

    The RPAS project aims to examine and develop RPAS capability across the sector. Broadly the objectives of the project are to:

    • Assess current RPAS capabilities (this survey)
    • Create a network of RPAS users
    • Investigate enhanced use of RPAS and technology
    • Define operational gaps that could be met with RPAS
    • Identify partnership opportunities
    • Develop common standard for RPAS equipment and operators
    • Provides a framework and system for procurement of RPAS services
    • Provide dispatch and accounting functions
    • Develop SOP for use of RPAS in operations and a doctrine repository
    • Develop a registry of RPAS resources
    • Define contractual obligations for use of commercial RPAS operators

    If you wish to participate in the survey, it can be accessed via this link  and is open until Friday 26th June. NAFC is also requesting that members of the aerial firefighting industry forward this link to others who may benefit from responding to the survey.

    If you wish to keep updated on the project there is a link in the survey.

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