SCE Using Drones as Part of Wildfire Pre­vention Measures

    BREA, Calif. – Southern California Edison is taking a top-down approach to help check its equipment ahead of wildfire season in the area. The utility is using drones to help check equipment in high-fire risk areas.

    Drone pilot Sophia Bailey uses a tiny screen to help her fly an unmanned aircraft system.

    “As long as you’re taking it slow and steady, it’s good,” she said.

    She’s good at flying drones because she’s had practice. Bailey first got into flying drones because of her interest in cinematography. She had done some real estate videos and other video projects, but she was ready for a change.

    She says she, “knew that I wanted to do something in addition to cinematography that made a difference.”

    She found her purpose with a company called Skyscopes.

    “We [Skycopes] are contracted through Southern California Edison. And our mission is to help prevent the spread of wildfires,” Bailey explained.

    They use drones to help inspect the grid.

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