SEI Industries Introduces Multi-Fuel Bulk Aviation Transport Tank for Jet, Diesel and Gasoline Fuel

    SEI Industries introduced a new multi-fuel model of the award-winning Bulk Aviation Transport Tank (BATT) in a press release from the company on July 8th, 2020. The BATT Multi-Fuel is a complete fuel transport system for aircraft that will allow operators to switch between flying jet, diesel, and gasoline depending on their requirements.

    First introduced in 2011, the BATT has been trusted by aircraft operators around the world to transport large quantities of bulk fuel to remote locations. The BATT is a heavy-duty abrasion-resistant tank that reduces the risk of fuel spillage, improves aircraft safety conditions, and provides a sustainable long-term alternative to single-use fuel drums.

    Development of the Multi-Fuel initially began when SEI was presented with a challenge from a customer who had the need to switch between flying diesel and gasoline fuel. Given the difficulties of transporting gasoline, identifying an effective combination of fabric material to meet the requirements of housing multiple fuel types proved to be a significant hurdle.

    Following a lengthy research and development process, the BATT Multi-Fuel was born. SEI engineers were successful in developing one complete system capable of safely meeting jet, diesel, and gasoline transport requirements. Users now have the capability to securely fly multiple fuel types without the need to alternate between different BATT models. This will allow them to cut down on response times between missions while retaining the same cost, safety, and environmental advantages of existing BATT models.

    With the introduction of the multi-fuel, SEI proudly becomes the first company with a Transportation of Dangerous Goods Equivalency Certificate (SU 12637) to transport jet, diesel, and gasoline fuel without special permits using one fuel system.

    The BATT Multi-Fuel has a life expectancy of 10 years and is available in more than 20 sizes ranging from capacities of 100 to 2,480 USG (379 to 9,388 L). Visit for more information.

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