Naval Station Norfolk brings back the ‘Bambi Bucket’ to put out fires, save lives

NORFOLK, Va. — It’s hard to put a finger on exactly what it resembles. From one angle it seems like a traffic cone. From another, Andre the Giant’s umbrella. Then it appears to be a rubber parachute of sorts.

Alas, it is none of the above, and the answer somehow more unique. It’s the “Bambi Bucket.” Designed specifically for aerial firefighting, the bucket can hold 11,000 pounds of water, ready to dump on unsuspecting flames.

Created in the 1980s and named on a whim, the contraption is common on the West Coast. Refilled easily, and shrinking to 400 pounds when empty, it is a unique firefighting tool.

Naval Station Norfolk has been training crews, and eight are now prepared, ready to extinguish flames wherever necessary, with the help of the Bambi Bucket.

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