Simrik Air helicopter conducts fire-fighting mission at Pathivara Temple Area

KATHMANDU: Simrik Air Helicopter having call sign 9N-AJZ with Pilot-In-Command Capt. Surendra Paudel and the team flew to the Pathivara Temple area of Taplejung district today for a fire-fighting mission as the fire in a community forest in that area went out of control.

The Simrik Air helicopter with an experienced crew and well-equipped with “Bambi Bucket” – a specialized bucket suspended on a cable by a helicopter to deliver water for aerial fire-fighting moved to Pathivara area as the community forest in Pathivara region has still not come under control.

The helicopter landed at Suketar Airport and conducted a rescue flight along with few shuttles to combat the wildfire. The team is on standby at Suketar Airport to continue the fire-fighting mission tomorrow morning again.

The forest fire that started a couple of days ago in the Pathivara region is spreading towards the temple area and is posing a threat to the existence of the famous Hindu shrine ” Pathivara Mata” of Nepal along with the community forest which is home to rare rhododendron species and red panda.

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