WA desperately needs more aerial wildfire resources, converted Boeing 747 could help

    MOSES LAKE, Wash.– The world’s largest aerial firefighting aircraft is right here in our backyard, getting a tune-up and upgrade ahead of fire season.

    Local leaders witnessed a demonstration of the world’s largest fire extinguisher in action, dropping 19,000 gallons of water over a runway at the Grant County International Airport Tuesday.

    The drops are from 250 feet above the ground and the massive tanker can hold up to 19,000 gallons of liquid.

    The Global Supertanker can drop a full load of either water or fire retardant in just 14 seconds.

    Local lawmakers want to get access to the Global Supertanker ahead of fire season.

    The converted Boeing 747-400 has been parked at a brand new hangar, ran by AeroTec at the airport for a few months now.

    The aircraft has received maintenance and an upgrade to it’s drop system, to make it more precise.

    Soon with it’s new, improved system. it will be doing ground and air tests, in order to get authorized by the USFS, a standard procedure for any aircraft used to support a federal wildland fire mission.

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