Bridger Aerospace Begins Fire Season With Air Attack Aircraft Headed to Mesa, AZ

    Montana-based Bridger Aerospace launched the first aircraft of its fleet into service this week, moving a Turbine Commander to Mesa Gateway Airport where it will provide air attack service as part of a USFS contract throughout the dry summer months in Arizona.

    The commander is one of 7 air attack aircraft in the Bridger fleet, consisting of 6 commander aircraft that are a mix of turbine and piston aircraft and one Shrike. In addition to the air attack aircraft, Bridger will be sending a staff of 4 to Arizona consisting of two pilots and two maintenance staff, backed by a mobile maintenance vehicle and trailer to support on-field maintenance when required in the field.

    Bridger Aerospace operates two CL-415EAF aircraft with a further three on order that will. be used for initial attack operations on fire grounds around the country.

    Bridger Aerospace provides aerial firefighting services that include air attack aircraft, initial attack aircraft and UAS support for fire mapping around the country, recently receiving the second of five CL-415 EAF aircraft currently on order by Bridger from Viking aircraft. These aircraft join a growing stable of aircraft for the growing company that also flies several twin otter aircraft as they continue expanding both offerings and abilities to the aerial firefighting industry.


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