SKYDISPLAY by MYGOFLIGHT receives FAA STC certification for the first ever Head Up Display (HUD) for General Aviation

    June 22, 2021- Denver, Colorado USA- SKYDISPLAY™, a division of MYGOFLIGHT, announced today it has received FAA STC certification for its SKYDISPLAY HUD system. SKYDISPLAY aligns critical flight information with the pilots outside view and provides head up guidance cues based on the information contained in the aircraft’s primary flight instruments.

    With the next generation of display technologies, a small footprint has been achieved allowing a HUD to fit into many cockpits that were before not an option, with a significantly lower weight, size, and cost. SKYDISPLAY raises the proficiency of all pilots in all conditions and phases of flight given the reduction in pilot workload and significant enhancement to situational awareness. Simply stated, HUDS make flying safer. Critical flight information from the aircraft’s digital flight deck is displayed head-up. Innovation and new technologies have allowed SKYDISPLAY to lower the cost of traditional HUDs by as much as 10x.

    Pilot reports have been consistent, the SKYDISPLAY system is top notch. “Every bit as useful as HUDs on Falcons or Gulfstreams,” Tom Horne, AOPA Turbine “A HUD for the rest of us,” Matt Thurber, Editor, AIN “Intuitive. Raises the proficiency of all pilots,” Ric Peri, Aircraft Electronics Association A new option for the SKYDISPLAY HUD system is the addition of an Enhanced Vision System (EVS) capability. HUD EVS systems allow pilots to make it easier to fly around weather, turn night into day, and aid in “seeing” through smoke and light fog all while keeping eyes outside.

    Special ops operators find the HUD EVS system invaluable such as in firefighting missions to identify and hit hot spots with much greater accuracy. This is also critical in pest control, search and rescue, and agricultural spraying operations when being able to fly safely low to the earth is required. “The aerial spotter could not find the hot spots. With SKYDISPLAY HUD EVS I was able to find and lead the team to them. 11 targets, all direct hits,” Fire Boss pilot The HUD EVS system was developed with the assistance of Astronics, maker of the MAX-VIZ thermal imaging systems.

    The system was installed by Aero Brigham of Decatur, Texas, on AeroBrigham designed mounts for the HUD and EVS, into four Air Tractor AT802F Fire Boss aircraft owned and operated by a contract firefighting fleet. SKYDISPLAY HUD EVS Image of fire hot spots, plane ahead dropping water, all visible to the pilot in the HUD A screenshot of a computer Description automatically generated with low confidence With very strong interest, over 20 aircraft have committed to pre-certification positions to have SKYDISPLAY installed.

    These aircraft operate under Part 23 rules for piston, turbo-prop and light jet aircraft and include Cirrus, Cessna, Beechcraft, Phenom, TBM, Piper, Air Tractor/Fire Boss, and more. The avionics integrated with these aircraft include flight decks from Aspen Avionics, Garmin, and Honeywell with other integrations planned in the future. Development of the installation of the SKYDISPLAY HUD system was done with the support of Duncan Aviation of Denver, Colorado. The SKYDISPLAY HUD system has two major components, a HUD projector, and an AID (aircraft interface device) that is used to read the ARINC 429 and serial data busses on these aircraft.

    The SKYDISPLAY AID, available separately, is a Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) rugged modular computer system with Mini PCIe Card slots to support add-on I/O module integration with little to no NRE. SKYDISPLAY HUD – Projection Unit & Aircraft Interface Device (AID) The SKYDISPLAY AID has been optimally designed for size, weight & power (SWaP) sensitive mobile, airborne, ground, manned/unmanned vehicle applications. DO-160 certification validated environmental, power and EMI compliance. Available at a significantly lower cost unit then currently is available for computers meeting DO-160 requirements.

    To explore how the SKYDISPLAY HUD, HUD EVS or AID systems can work for your operation, contact Dominic Martinez, President, MYGOFLIGHT. He can be reached on +1 303- 364-7400 x114 or by email on MYGOFLIGHT’s SKYDISPLAY division builds smart aviation products that make flying simpler and safer. Relentless in our pursuit of perfection, we understand how important it is to deliver products that exceed expectations both in terms of performance and design. MYGOFLIGHT provides ultimate peace of mind that our products are built with the highest level of advanced engineering, premium functionality, and innovation. For more information about SKYDISPLAY go to, contact or call +1.303.364.7400.

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