Turkey’s fire-fighting efforts: 3 planes, 39 helicopters

    Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli has shared information about the vehicle inventory used in Turkey’s fire-fighting efforts.

    Answering the Parliamentary question of Republican People’s Party (CHP) İzmir MP Atila Sertel about the number of vehicles used in fire-fighting efforts, Minister Pakdemirli has said that in 2021, 3 amphibians, 39 fire-fighting helicopters, 6 leading helicopters, 4 uncrewed aerial vehicles, 1,078 water sprinklers, 281 water-supply vehicles, 2,270 first response vehicles, 181 excavators and 501 other construction equipment were used.

    According to the Minister’s answer to the main opposition MP, the capacities of helicopters range from 2,500 to 10,00 liters.

    Payment based on guaranteed hours of flight

    In response to Atilla Sertel’s question on payments based on hours of flight and guaranteed payments, Minister Pakdemirli has said:

    “The prices of these helicopters depend on their technical features and capacities. Guaranteed hour of flight is a widely used method in renting aerial vehicles in the world. Since the first day when helicopters and planes were rented, the method of guaranteed hour of flight has been used in our country.”


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