New Certifications Add Firefighting to Ansat’s Capabilities

    The Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsiya) has authorized Kazan Helicopters, a subsidiary of the Russian Helicopters company owned by Rostec, to install an external sling on Ansat. With this certification, Ansat can now move more sizeable cargo and fight fires, greatly increasing the aircraft’s multi-mission capabilities.

    With an external sling, Ansat’s maximum takeoff weight has risen from 3600 kg to 3800 kg (7936 lbs to 8377 lbs) and the aircraft’s maximum cargo sling load capacity is now 1 ton. With 600 kg 1322 lbs) of cargo on board, Ansat reached a height of 3.7 km (12,139 ft) and traveled at 180 km/h (111 mph) during testing at the Kazan Helicopters factory,

    Ansat is also equipped with a bucket release valve, which is connected to the external sling and does not interfere with the helicopter’s cargo characteristics. This allows water discharge devices such as fire buckets to be utilized by the helicopter for firefighting. According to the company, flight test experts have already performed several tests on the fire-extinguishing system at Kazan Helicopters’ flight test facility.

    Rosaviatsiya has also approved the utilization of landing skid heel devices, “bear-paws,” mounted on Ansat’s skids which enable the rotorcraft to more safely operate on soft ground or snow.

    A variety of additional equipment has been certified to expand the helicopter’s search and rescue capabilities. One such example is Ansat’s searchlight, which may be used in conjunction with the onboard winch. In April 2021, Rosaviatsiya also certified the installation of an onboard boom with a winch on the Ansat. Safely able to load and unload people or cargo weighing up to 272 kg (599 lbs), the winch and boom are critical equipment for search and rescue missions, allowing insertion and extraction operations while the helicopter is in a hover. Additionally, a Russian-made LED searchlight – FSD-134M developed by the Research Institute of Micro Devices – has also been approved for Ansat and has already been installed on aircraft under contract with the National Air Ambulance Service.

    Russian Helicopters’ objective is to transform Ansat into a true multi-mission rotorcraft that can do a variety of tasks. Additional improved equipment will also enhance Ansat’s search and rescue capabilities, which is especially vital for the company’s current and potential customers. In 2020, the Northwest Aviation Rescue Center’s first Ansat entered service, and future improvements to the Ansat are anticipated through collaboration with the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations.

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