Flightcell Introduces SmartHUB

Flightcell International’s latest innovation provides rotorcraft operators a solution for the increasing global requirement for mandatory cockpit recording. The new product is the Flightcell SmartHUB – a HD video, audio, flight data recorder and access point for USB/IP devices. “Our new SmartHUB is the perfect tool to meet increasing requirements we are observing globally for mandatory cockpit recording, especially for government and public sector rotorcraft operators,” says John Wyllie, Flightcell CEO.

The Flightcell SmartHUB can monitor a range of parameters including GPS position data; altitude and speed; pressure altitude; vertical rate; turn rate; pitch; roll; and g-force; it will detect impacts and can be configured to log specific flight exceedances. The SmartHUB is a flight optimization tool – it will enable operators, maintainers, and flight crews to review human and aircraft performance and allow operations to be monitored for both efficiency and safety. Flightcell has also developed their own app to complement the Flightcell SmartHUB, so all recordings can be viewed and analysed post flight.

In the past, the cost and complexity of installing recorders in light aircraft and helicopters were prohibitive. The Flightcell SmartHUB changes that completely. Installation of the compact SmartHUB is simple and cost effective – it can be installed under a local modification (minor change) and can be mounted in various positions in the smallest machines to provide virtually a “plug and play” recording capability. Furthermore the new Flightcell SmartHUB integrates with the Flightcell DZMx – the company’s flagship satcom product.

In addition to the SmartHUB, the Flightcell Camera has also been designed to integrate with the SmartHUB. The discrete Flightcell Camera is USB powered and is also easily installed.

Flightcell SmartHUB & Camera Features & Benefits

• Records HD video, audio, and flight data

• Access point for USB/IP powered devices

• Aviation compliant Wi-Fi access point

• Integrated USB hub and ethernet switch

• Effective tool for flight optimization and compliance

• Dedicated SmartHUB Flight Viewer software

• Hardened internal removable SD card slot

• Fast charging USB-A port

• Integrates with the Flightcell DZMx

• Ability to connect with the new compact and rugged Flightcell Camera (HD1080P)

• One or two Flightcell Cameras mountable in cockpit, aircraft cabin and/or winch (future capability to accommodate three cameras)

Expanding on the above-mentioned capabilities the SmartHUB also acts as a USB hub for connecting multiple USB devices. There is also charging facilities on the front facing USB-A connectors allowing for the charging of Smart Devices such as iPads. Furthermore, the SmartHUB also incorporates an ethernet switch for IP interconnection of up to five devices. An optional Wi-FI access point is included, when paired with any internet gateway device (e.g. Flightcell DZMx) which offers broadband connections.

“Learning about new and pending requirements for mandatory cockpit recorders has confirmed to Flightcell there will be strong demand for our new SmartHUB product. This is also reflective in our market research and initial feedback from several operators, whereby the SmartHUB’s capabilities have exceeded their expectations, so we are excited about releasing this product in May this year,” says John.

The Flightcell SmartHUB RRP is USD6,500, and the Flightcell Camera RRP is USD500, with deliveries scheduled to commence from May 2022.

For more information on the Flightcell SmartHUB

Phone: +64 3 545 8651

Email: info@flightcell.com


Ryan Mason
Ryan Mason
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