Aerial firefighting crews on standby in Childress ahead of elevated fire conditions

With the threat of a Southern Great Plains Wildfire Outbreak, the Texas A&M Forest Service has resources strategically stationed throughout the state for a rapid fire response. Among those are aerial teams on the southeastern edge of the panhandle.

Aero Tech has a governmentally contracted aerial firefighting team stationed at the Childress airport. They will provide support for the state and volunteer fire departments.

“What we’ve found working with the volunteer fire department is they are so aggressive on attacking the fire,” said Greg Schultz, a pilot for Aero Tech. “We will go out and do structure protection ahead of it. That way they don’t have to go off the line.”

Schultz got his start as a crop duster when he was asked to help provide fire aid in his home state of Minnesota. After helping save a preschool, he was hooked.

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AerialFire Staff
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