Cal Fire Hawk available to fight wildfires at night for the first time

Sikorsky Firehawk helicopters, which attack wildfires and rescue people, have been called a game-changer.

“It does provide a lot of power for us,” Said Ben Berman, with Cal Fire.

Over the past few years, that power has been crucial throughout wildfire season.

“It’s capable of three times the water capacity of what the Huey can provide. It’s got a 1,000-gallon tank on it. It can fly a third faster than a Huey as well,” Berman said.

The helicopters also provide night vision. Berman, who is chief helicopter pilot for Cal Fire, said the Firehawk chopper will be able to fight wildfires at night for the first time.

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AerialFire Staff
AerialFire Staff
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