Coulson Aviation Sign Deal for Purchase of Coulson 737 FIRELINER with Provincia de Santiago del Estero in Argentina

 Coulson Aviation USA is proud to announce the sale of one of its Boeing 737 FIRELINER Large Airtankers to the Provincia de Santiago del Estero, Argentina. 
The B737 FIRELINER is the only Large Airtanker in the world that can transport passengers and its multi-role capability will be fully utilized by the Santiago del Estero province while not conducting airtanker operations. “Our 737 FIRELINER’s continue to solidify their pole position of the jet-powered Large Airtanker fleet worldwide” said Britton Coulson, President of Aviation.
The B737 FIRELINER is the newest Generation of Large Airtanker and the first to be FAA Certified to do both firefighting and passenger transport. The FIRELINER packs 15,150 litres of fluid with unmatched performance in distance, speed, and altitude while retaining the capability to transport up to 72 passengers.
Miguel Mandrille, the Minister of Production, Natural Resources, and Land said the new large airtanker’s main base will be at Las Termas De Rio Hondo and that government plans to build a hangar for maintenance and training of the personnel in charge of handling the aircraft as well as a loading base to fill the airplane. Minister Mandrille also added “This is important not only for the province but also to the rest of the Argentinean provinces and neighbor countries that might need it.” 
The agreement between Coulson Aviation and the Government of Santiago del Estero is made at the initiative of Governor Gerardo Zamora.
“From Mexico and below it there is no other aircraft like this” said Director of Civil Aviation Jorge Azar. “We evaluated all the large airtankers and chose the 737 as it is the same aircraft type used by many airlines and is the most capable. The 737 is the fastest airtanker and it when its not fighting fire we can use it to move passengers and its dual use makes it the best value for our government.” 
Building off the success of the New South Wales Rural Fire Service 737 FIRELINER program in Australia, this is the second 737 Coulson has sold to an international government agency and the 737 remains the only Large Airtanker ever sold commercially to a foreign government. 
Coulson Aviation is the only firefighting company worldwide that operates both large Fixed and Rotary Wing aircraft and is the largest operator in both Australia and South America of “Type 1” heavy aircraft. 
AerialFire Staff
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