Four Tanker Planes Added to Firefighting Fleet After Maintenance

Türkiye’s national body on aviation activities, Turkish Aeronautical Association (THK), has made four CL-215 type amphibious tanker planes ready to combat wildfires and added them to the country’s “firefighting fleet” after a long maintenance.

According to a statement on June 17, THK found out that six of the nine inoperable tanker planes held by the institution could be “operational” after maintenance.

Works began on four of them and three of the CL-215 aircrafts became functional in short time. “The work on the other is in the last stage,” said THK.

Some 1,700 square kilometers of land were burnt by a series of more than 200 wildfires between July 28 and Aug. 9 in 2021, killing nine people, including two firefighters.

Many criticized the officials for the lack of aerial support to put out the wildfires and found the existing fleet of three planes and 38 helicopters “insufficient.”

Some 15 countries gave a hand to Türkiye by sending firefighting aircraft during the extinguishing efforts in 2021.

“The flight tests of the planes were conducted in [the capital] Ankara on June 15 and 16 successfully,” THK said.

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