GPMS Industry Experts Join Hangar Z Podcast to Discuss How HUMS Increases Mission Readines

Waterbury, VT – October 3, 2022 – Todd Powers, GPMS VP of Sales, and Ronnie Ries, GPMS VP of Marketing, recently joined Jon Gray and Jeff Ratkovich on the Hangar Z Podcast, the first and only podcast dedicated to public safety aviation. While covering various topics with lighthearted discussions, they focused on how HUMS technology is increasing mission readiness and lowering operational costs for public safety operators.

Powers and Ries provide an in-depth look at how advanced HUMS systems, like GPMS’s Foresight MX, are changing rotorcraft maintenance by delivering comprehensive insight into aircraft health and performance. This detailed information allows owners and operators to shift from reactive maintenance (unscheduled repairs and downtime) to proactive maintenance, where they can forecast the remaining useful life on trending components to coordinate inventory planning with scheduled inspections and maximize aircraft availability.

Powers and Ries detail how early HUMS systems, while providing critical capabilities, were targeted at large military and civil rotorcraft. They were heavy, expensive, and required significant effort to acquire and transfer data. As a result, HUMS was not available by most of the public safety market.

GPMS’s Foresight has changed the game. It incorporates the latest tech and innovative algorithms to deliver an affordable, lightweight, simple-to-use solution that’s certified on the most popular public safety rotorcraft models on the market. This includes the Airbus H125/AS350, Bell 407, Bell 429 and soon on the H135.

The discussion is available now. Here are links to The Hangar Z Podcast, Ep. 61: Todd Powers & Ronnie Ries on the GPMS Predictive Health and Usage Monitoring System:




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