Paraclete Aviation Life Support Announces ‘2023: A Year of Innovation’

Innovative Product Focus for Every Quarter in 2023

Clarksville, TN, March 1, 2023, HAI Heli Expo 2023 Booth #C5320—Paraclete Aviation Life Support continues to emerge as a company built on the core pillars of safety and comfort through innovation. True to its word, Paraclete announces ‘2023: A Year of Innovation’ beginning with Paraclete’s new maxillofacial shield as its first product focus for 2023. Embarking on its commitment announced in January to decrease lead times under 30 days, the efficiency of systems and services will drive continued innovation as Paraclete releases new products every quarter throughout 2023. Upholding the certification set forth by the U.S. Department of Interior/U.S. Forest Service [DOI-USFS] Aviation Helmet Standard for all the company’s helmets, Paraclete also announces the company’s recertification of its ISO-9001:2015 certification, as an aviation leader of high standards in both corporate leadership and high-quality products. As the company continues to push its products beyond the current specifications, Paraclete’s unveiling of its new maxillofacial shield product will be highlighted at the 2023 HAI Heli Expo in Georgia.

With the increasing global customers and distributors, Economos highlights the importance of not only the industry standard but striving for excellence in the safety sphere of innovation, as opportunities to ensure safety first for people, products and places. According to research, aviation protective equipment is designed to integrate into aircrew helmets and protect the face from wind and flying debris. Aviators have anecdotally reported that metastasis-free survival [MFS] have provided blunt impact protection during impact event.*

“Industry feedback is invaluable, which we apply to our innovative offerings as we continue to provide products that meet or exceed the highest standard in the industry,” said Economos.

Within the global rotor market of agricultural aviation, aerial fire, search and rescue/EMS/HEMS, and global law enforcement, Paraclete’s lightweight Aspida Carbon helmet represents safety and comfort through innovation.

“Our rotor- and fixed-wing helmet, the Aspida-D Type 1 and 2 represents the modern helmet certified by the DOI/USFS Aviation Helmet Standard and is well-known through the industry,” he added.

Industry conversations about the Paraclete global standard continue: Joshua Chan, Flight Paramedic, Life Link III, said, “The Paraclete helmet has been a great resource as a flight paramedic. The design, functionality, and durability allow me to perform life-saving care while ensuring the highest level of safety. I highly recommend this product to other HEMS programs.”

“This is our year of innovation,” said Economos. “Innovation is driven by the demands of the industry, customer feedback, and ultimately delivered by the company upholding a higher standard in all areas of the business, from the products and the people to the process and production, that represents Paraclete’s commitment to manufacturing aviation helmets as the global industry standard for the purpose of safety and comfort through innovation.”


Paraclete Aviation Life Support designs, develop, and manufactures Aviation Life Support Equipment [ALSE] focused on reusability driven by the company’s ALSE training services to ensure the helmets are properly and timely maintained. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified corporation, Paraclete has secured Helmet Aviation Standard certifications for its entire product line and all sizes for its civilian aviation helmets set forth by the U.S. Department of Interior [DOI] /U.S. Forest Service [USFS]. For more information about Paraclete products, training, and sales, contact

or visit, 931.274.7947, and the new office location at 1760 Jardco Dr, Clarksville, TN 37040.

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