De Havilland Aircraft of Canada and OBDS Announce Free Document Delivery Service for Aerial Firefighting Crews Amidst Unprecedented Forest Fires

De Havilland Aircraft of Canada, a leading provider of aerial firefighting aircraft, and On-Board Data Services (OBDS), a leading provider of aviation manual delivery services via Apple iPad®, are taking a proactive stance in the battle against escalating forest fires in Canada.

Today, we are proud to announce, “Operation Fire Docs.” We will offer flight manual updates, maintenance updates, and fleet document distribution free of charge to all waterbomber and aerial firefighting crews for the next six months, starting immediately.

Judy Donegan, Manager of Technical Publications at De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited, announces that “all De Havilland aircraft operating as aerial firefighters are eligible for free digital manual updates over the next 6 months using De Havilland Flight Deck, in partnership with OBDS.”

“We recognize the urgency and magnitude of the forest fire crisis gripping our nation,” said Charles Guerin, CEO of OBDS. “We want to lend a helping hand to the exceptional men and women who brave the flames from above. By offering our services at no cost, we aim to facilitate their operations, enhance efficiency, and contribute to extinguishing these devastating fires.”

The advanced technology ensures rapid access to critical flight plans, flight and maintenance manuals, service bulletin updates, and other essential documents, empowering crews with up-to-date information and resources during their vital missions.

OBDS will deploy a dedicated technical support crew to ensure seamless setup and ongoing assistance for participating aerial firefighting crews.

De Havilland and OBDS encourage all waterbomber and aerial firefighting crews to take advantage of this offer and join hands in the fight against unprecedented forest fires in Canada. Together, we can strive towards a safer and more resilient future.

To request manuals:

Contact DHC technical publications, THD 24x7x365 Support: +1 647 277 5820 Customer Portal:

To deploy, contact OBDS at: Phone: 450-476-1420 Website:

About De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited:

With over 5,000 aircraft delivered, De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited (De Havilland Canada) is a globally recognized leader in the aviation industry. Our talented team of aviation professionals is dedicated to advancing our nearly 100-year reputation for excellence in innovation, production, and customer support.

De Havilland Canada’s aircraft are renowned for reliability, operating in some of the world’s harshest climates. They provide vital connections between rural communities and urban centers, transporting essential cargo and millions of passengers annually. Our aircraft support a wide variety of special mission operations, including aerial firefighting, search and rescue, medical evacuation, reconnaissance, and coastal surveillance.

About OBDS (On-Board Data Services):

As a trusted partner, OBDS (On-Board Data Services) is a leading provider of digital document, flight manual, and maintenance manual delivery services to aircraft manufacturers and aviation operations worldwide. With a strong commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, we deliver cutting-edge solutions that streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and improve aviation safety.

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