Pilot Fire in Arizona at 32,028 Acres

Additional resources arrived on the fire today, including hotshot crews, Department of Forestry and Fire Management (DFFM) hand crews, and two additional Type 2-IA hand crews. Today, DFFM’s Phoenix Crew (Type 2-IA) continued work near Gonzales Canyon on the northwest flank putting in direct and indirect line. At end of shift today, operations reports crews have made significant progress securing line and are monitoring it to ensure it holds.

The northern flank of the fire went over Palomino Peak and is spreading in all directions because of the terrain and the wind. A Large Air Tanker (LAT) assisted crews working that side dropping multiple loads of retardant to help slow the fire’s progression. Crews are working diligently to keep the fire out of Cow and Trout Creeks. There is no heat showing along the eastern side which is situated on Mohon Peak. And on the south side, the fire continues to stay within its footprint on Pilot Knob. But crews will add line and tie it in with existing roads to further secure that side. Since the start of this incident, the fire has been monitored by air and satellite mapping and has been a full suppression fire using natural boundaries, previous burn scars and monsoon activity. Management Action Plans were determined to increase suppression efforts should the fire hit pre-established trigger points. This fire is located in very dangerous terrain and as with every incident, firefighter safety is our number one priority.

With that, it was unsafe to send crews in at the initial start of the fire. Since the fire recently hit those trigger points, suppression efforts expanded, resources were assigned to the incident, and more resources will be ordered as needed. Rugged and treacherous terrain may hinder suppression efforts in some areas and crews may have to wait for the fire to come off the slopes before engaging. A Rapid Extraction Module Support (REMS) team arrived to the incident to support crews and overhead in case of an emergency situation. Additional operational personnel arrived to ground truth the fire’s behavior and progression and also to help scout for other methods of safe suppression efforts. Smoke off the fire is visible around the US 93 and Interstate 40 junction and visible to many communities around the Mohon Mountains in both Yavapai and Mohave Counties.

Resources and Personnel Assigned: 122 Type 1 Hand Crew (HC): 2, Type 2-IA HC: 3, Type 2 (HC): 1, Type 3 Helo: 1, Single Engine Air Tankers: 2

Weather: Hot and dry conditions with breezy southwest winds.

AerialFire Staff
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