New Helicopter Auction Website Launches for Legacy UH-60 Black Hawk

Blackhawx, a modern and technologically advanced auction website, is about to disrupt the aviation industry with the launch of a UH-60 Black Hawk specific auction platform.
The company has, this week, announced a new online auction platform dedicated to UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters.
With a focus on security, efficiency, and transparency, Blackhawx aims to revolutionise the process of buying and selling these remarkable aircraft.
The sleek and intuitive design of Blackhawx reflects the helicopters it auctions, embodying efficiency and swiftness in all its transactions. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, Blackhawx provides a secure and transparent environment for all your Black Hawk transactions, regardless of your location.
Blackhawx boasts a unique offering to buyers and sellers alike with their auction services. From qualified parties to timely payouts and reimbursements, buying and selling a Black Hawk has never been easier. Their unique business model includes:
Escrow Closing: Bid with Confidence
Blackhawx employs a trusted third-party escrow company, licensed and bonded, to ensure impartiality and facilitate seamless transactions. With the escrow closing process, funds are securely transferred, safeguarding the interests of both buyers and sellers, with payouts taking a matter of days.
Secure Transactions: Streamlined Process
The team of licensed and professional auctioneers, combined with an experienced support staff, guarantees a streamlined transaction from start to finish. The security of every aircraft sale is prioritised, covering all aspects from bidding to payment and fund disbursement.
Transparent Process: Peace of Mind
Transparency is at the heart of the operations. They have carefully crafted a secure environment for both buyers and sellers, ensuring complete peace of mind throughout the auction process. This extends from the bidding stage to payment and fund disbursement, providing clarity at every step.
Qualified Buyers & Sellers: Your Peace of Mind
Lastly, the company will meticulously verify the qualifications of all buyers and sellers, putting in the necessary legwork to make the transaction as smooth as possible. This translates into a quicker sales cycle and a swifter conclusion of the transaction.
Warren Anderson, CEO of AOM.Digital, veteran aviation marketing expert and co-founder of the Blackhawx auction platform highlights how unique this opportunity is.
“Previously, Black Hawks were not available for purchase by the public. But, in recent months, the US military has been decommissioning their fleet, and the opportunity has risen for these machines to be sold to the civilian aviation market.”
Selling an aircraft is notoriously tedious and drawn out. Blackhawx looks to take the hassle out of selling a helicopter. Sellers register on Blackhawx’s user-friendly platform, providing the required information, helicopter specifications, and logbook details. Once the agreement is signed, the dedicated team takes care of the rest.
Each Black Hawk is professionally marketed to our qualified target audience, with constant communication throughout the process. With the escrow closing, sellers can expect quick and streamlined fund disbursement, ensuring a payout in a matter of days.
To learn more about Blackhawx and start your journey into the world of UH-60 Black Hawk auctions, please visit
About Blackhawx:
Blackhawx is a premier online auction platform dedicated to UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters. With a commitment to security, efficiency, and transparency, Blackhawx provides a seamless experience for buyers and sellers in the Black Hawk market.
Ryan Mason
Ryan Mason
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