Black Widow Helicopters and XP Services Inc. Join Forces to Launch New Lima+ Black Hawk

Tullahoma, Tennessee – In a joint announcement, Black Widow Helicopters and XP Services Inc proudly introduced the next evolution of the Black Hawk: the Lima+. A product of unparalleled experience and innovation, this UH-60 Black Hawk variant is poised to redefine industry benchmarks globally.

Black Hawks have become the industry standard for aerial firefighting and utility operations. The Lima+’s marketing strength is based on the Black Hawk’s over 15 million flight hours and proven safety record, an established legacy support system for the model, and an infusion of upgrades and design changes to the avionics, engines, and mission equipment.

The Lima+, which includes the upgraded -701D engines and IDGB gearbox that gives the Lima+ a 9000 lbs lift capacity, will be standardized with the state of the art, FAA IFR Certified, Genesys NVG digital glass cockpit with HeliSAS autopilot for ease of navigation, a reconfigurable new cabin that accommodates up to 13 occupants and their equipment during emergency operations and it will also be equipped with the Aerometals Inlet Barrier Filter as well as light weight exhaust system and the GPMS Foresight Predictive HUMS.

The integrated health monitoring system (HUMS), could give operators a significant advantage in maximizing dispatchability while minimizing down-time and maintenance costs. After each flight,  accurate diagnostics and early problem detection is available, enabling preventive maintenance measures to be taken before any catastrophic failures can occur.

Offered in three distinct build models – Commercial Utility, Public Safety, and MILSPEC, the Lima+ ensures adaptability, tailoring each build to mission-specific requirements.

“The UH-60 is a rugged and reliable platform for military and special mission operators and bringing these legacy aircraft out of military retirement and adding the latest innovation has to offer by adding capabilities like three axis autopilot, synthetic vision (SV), highway in the sky (HITS), improved datalink weather, or localizer performance with vertical guidance (LPV) approaches,  extends their utility and reliability to a level on par with — if not better than — new helicopters” said Rod Allison, CEO of XP Services.

The significant improvements of the Lima+ variant will make it better at all of those missions while also easier on the pilot workload. The Lima+ will be type certified with XP Services for commercial restricted category operators.

“We are thrilled to bring an industry-leading and cost effective upgrade to the Black Hawk which the market has been demanding for quite some time,” said Todd Dunphy, Chief Operating Officer of Black Widow Helicopters.

“We will be displaying a Lima+ technology demonstrator at HAI 2024 in Anaheim, CA. Together with XP Services and Primehawx, we are ready to build  Lima+ models immediately as we have a fleet of 28 Sikorsky UH-60L available for modifications” Dunphy continued.

With the Lima+, the iconic Black Hawk seamlessly transitions into the 21st Century, exemplifying the perfect marriage of heritage and innovation.

The Lima+ will be built and modified with custom mission configurations in Tullahoma, Tennessee and Camarillo, California.

About Black Widow Helicopters: 

Black Widow Helicopters is a pioneering provider of state-of-the-art aerial firefighting and utility mission aircraft for legacy airframes such as the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk and Bell UH-1 helicopters, offering customers a wide array of advanced avionics and cutting-edge technologies.

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