Trotter DataVault added to Devices Approved on v2track for US Forest Service

v2track has added the Trotter DataVault to its list of devices that have approval for use in Aerial Firefighting contracts with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service (USFS).

The v2track cloud software platform is approved for the USFS Automated Flight Following (AFF) for multiple tracking devices and Additional Telemetry Units (ATU). v2track forwards location and firefighting data, such as drops and fills, to the USFS AFF system from approved devices; the v2track V5, the Ground Control RockAIR, the Flightcell DZMx, the AMS AFDAU-T1 and the Trotter DataVault.

These devices are all commonplace in the aerial firefighting industry and in conjunction with the v2track platform, lead the way for providing the USFS with accurate and reliable data. The v2track V5 is a hybrid satellite and cellular tracking device with smart business features. Ground Controls’ RockAIR is also a hybrid device that is portable and easy to install. Both the v2track V5 and the RockAIR can be paired with the AFDAU-T1 to provide a complete firefighting solution. The Flightcell DZMx is an advanced hybrid device with built-in ATU or can be paired with the AMS-AFDAU-T1. The DataVault from Trotter Controls is a specialized ATU that can be stand-alone or can be paired with a v2track V5.

“This will be a huge benefit to current and future v2track customers running aerial firefighting operations in the United States”, says Shawn Deaker, Business Development Manager, v2track. “They now have multiple AFF and ATU device options and can take advantage of the advanced operational benefits of the v2track software platform.”

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About v2track

v2track is a New Zealand based company working with clients around the globe to effectively track and communicate with aircraft, land vehicles/equipment and marine vessels. Their unique Hybrid Sat/Cell technology transmits a combination of location and other information back to our website and mobile applications for clients to view in real-time. The v2track system also facilitates communication with these assets with a variety of advanced messaging options and features.

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