Erickson Aero Tanker MD-87 Lands in Chile For Fire Season

An Erickson Aero Tanker MD-87T landed in Santiago de Chile on December 1st, 2023, to join the fleet of Chilean company Ecocopter to provide services to the National Forestry Corporation (Conaf) to combat fires projected in Chile. The Aero Tanker has a cargo capacity of 11,356 liters (3000 Gallons) of water or retardant and reaches a maximum speed of 788 km/489MPH. With ports on the side of the fuselage, it can discharge up to 2,271 liters/600 Gal per minute.

Erickson highlights that the MD-87T is highly versatile since it can operate on smaller
runways than other large-capacity LAT aircraft. In addition, their tanks can be loaded quickly in an average of around 7 minutes.

“We are sure that this plane, which in a few hours will be available for CONAF operations, will be a key contribution to fighting forest fires and preventing their spread once the emergency is activated to have a timely, rapid, and effective response,” said Armando Weinberger, general manager of Ecocopter Chile.

For the 2023-2024 season, the Aero Tanker has top-level expert crews and is
commanded by two pilots, in addition to having a staff of mechanics, engineers, and logistical support that involves more than six people.

“Having the presence of this plane and its specialized crews at this time and during the season is an example of how the State, together with the private sector, have been preparing to address the most complex period of forest fires in the best possible way,” stated Francisco Arriagada, Ecocopter’s commercial manager.

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