Technisonic Announces Forestry Mode on the TDFM-9000 / 9300 Series Radios

(TORONTO CANADA, Dec 12, 2023)      Technisonic Industries is proud to continue its support of the Aerial Firefighting Market with its introduction of Forestry Mode available on both the TDFM-9000 and TDFM-9300’s.   Forestry Mode addresses the space and installation challenges in the cockpit and antennas associated with updated United States Forestry Service (USFS) communications requirements.

Developed to meet the USFS communications requirements of multiple Main/Guard radios, Forestry Mode is an advanced software / hardware interface combination which allows the TDFM-9000 or TDFM-9300 to operate as either two or three forestry compliant radios.  Main and Guard capability is addressed via software defined VHF-FM module grouping on the radios front panel.  The ASU-9000 hardware switch sums each main and guard combination of Antenna, Mic, Audio and PTT ports to a single position, thereby requiring only two or three antennas and audio positions depending on radio configuration.  The result being significant cockpit panel, antenna space and weight savings.

“With the introduction of the USFS’s new radio requirements, operators found themselves in a space crunch both inside the cockpit and on the airframe itself,” said Technisonics Director of Business Development Jim Huddock,. “Cockpit real estate, audio system capacity, and antenna placements all became issues.   Forestry Mode addresses these by utilizing the already compliant TDFM-9000 series radio and our new ASU-9000, antenna/audio switch to provide up to three fully compliant USFS radios in just 4.5 inches of panel space, where traditional radio set ups would require up to nine inches.    Additionally, by utilizing our fully compliant P25 modules, channel capacity is now 3000 per module and Front Panel Programming is much simpler and more intuitive than ever.”

To learn more about Technisonics Forestry Mode, please visit us on the web at or visit us at the HAI Aerial Work Safety Conference 2023 in Boise ID.   December 9th -11th  .

About Technisonic Industries Ltd.
Technisonic Industries Ltd. is a leader in the development and manufacture of aeronautical FM, and multi-band special-mission airborne radios and audio communications systems. Its specialties include P25 airborne radios, digital and analog airborne audio, AM base stations for airlines and analog airborne FM radios. The privately held Canadian electronics manufacturer has its principal location in Mississauga, Ontario, near Toronto International Airport.

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Ryan Mason
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