Canadian Conair Large Air Tanker Performs 85 drops Across Queensland in Busy Bushfire Season

When bushfires were raging across the Queensland landscape before summer had even arrived, specialist pilot Mark Lewis was among those flying into the thick smoke.

The First Officer of the Canadian Conair Large Air Tanker (LAT) knew his 10,000-litre loads of water would make a difference to the crews battling below.

“When we get down low over the fire, it’s often a very bumpy, tumultuous ride,” Mr Lewis said.

“We do like to participate and help out and give back.”

Mr Lewis is one of three Canadian pilots who have been stationed in Bundaberg, 400 kilometres north of Brisbane, with the LAT for the Queensland bushfire season.

From there, the aerial asset can reach Proserpine in the north, the Queensland/New South Wales border to the south, or Tambo in the west within one hour.

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AerialFire Staff
AerialFire Staff
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