Volo Mission Completes Training With Cyprus Police Aviation

Volo Mission was honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with the Cyprus Police Air Unit (CPAU) to provide re-current and initial aerial firefighting training for their pilots and aircrews.

Based at Larnaca International Airport in Cyprus, CPAU operates a fleet of Bell 412s and AW139s, engaging in diverse missions such as aerial firefighting, search and rescue, and police operations. For firefighting the AW139s utilize 100’ long lines with Bambi Buckets, while the Bell 412s employ belly hooking with the Water Hog bucket system.

A total of eight pilots and nine crew members participated in extensive ground classes, field briefings, and flight training. The comprehensive training covered various aspects of aerial firefighting, encompassing safety practices and emergency procedures through to dip-site recognition, drop techniques, decision making, and focus, to name a few of the topics covered. Additionally, two senior instructors underwent a train-the-trainer course and will continue to actively work with the team to sustain and elevate the unit’s skill level, preparing them for any potential fire missions.

The training program was intensive, filled with productive days, and culminated in an outstanding week of collaboration with highly motivated and engaged crews. Congratulations to the pilots and crews for their exceptional performance.

The CPAU Command, along with their instructors, pilots, crewmembers, and engineering staff demonstrated exceptional organizational skills, efficiency, professionalism, and a strong commitment to safety throughout the training. It was a genuine pleasure working with all members of the team and we wish them continued success!

AerialFire Staff
AerialFire Staff
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