Smokejumpers, Aircraft Working on Pair of Fires Near Central, Circle

Via Alaska Fire Service

Wolf Fire (#255) – A helicopter dropped water on the quarter-acre fire southwest of Eagle, reducing fire activity enough for smokejumpers to deploy two of the eight responders on Tuesday. They will continue working to suppress the fire.

Flasco Fire (#259) – Smokejumpers reported Tuesday that this 7-acre fire is burning in a heavily wooded area near Circle, requiring extensive saw work for containment. The fire is smoldering and creeping through white and black spruce trees. Fire managers plan to order hand crews to assist the smokejumpers.

Deception Pup Fire (#252) – By Tuesday evening, this fire had reached about 150 acres. Fire behavior subsided on the flanks but remained active at the head. Smokejumpers planned to establish a hose and water system around the fire. Fire managers will add crews, equipment, and possibly aircraft on Wednesday to support suppression efforts on this fire near Central.

7:30 p.m. update: In addition to the suppression efforts on the Deception Pup Fire (#252) near Central, smokejumpers and aircraft are now also working on a fire threatening homes and Native allotments near Circle.

The Flasco Fire (#259) is threatening numerous Native allotments and homes south of Circle. The fire is less than a mile east of the Steese Highway between miles 157-158. Circle is located about 160 miles northeast of Fairbanks.

Eight smokejumpers were dispatched to the fire while two large and two single-engine water scoopers, plus an air retardant tanker are working to suppress the fire. It was estimated at 5-10 acres, burning through mostly black spruce trees. The fire was reported as creeping with some running and isolated tree torching.

The smokejumpers were diverted from a fire burning approximately 5 miles southwest of Eagle. The Wolf Fire (#255) was not immediately threatening any known sites of value. Instead, a helicopter is dropping water on this quarter-acre fire while fire managers consider sending more resources. There is rugged terrain between the fire and the closest Native allotment and structures. The fire is burning in a full protection management option area.

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