Doing more with less

The economic turmoil that has encircled the globe has affected all aspects of society in one way or another. The inevitable budget cuts that follow such a downturn will certainly have a huge impact on wildland firefighting

Funds for the future

By the time you read this, our nation’s leaders should have made decisions that will shape the future of our economy. Unless they decide...

It is going to be a busy one

Fire season is in full swing and it appears that it going to be the most active one in years. It started in December...

Shutdown or showdown

I subscribe to the Federal Aviation Agency’s monthly Safety Briefing. This morning I received an email from them that stated (paraphrased) due to the...

Aiming to please

The 2012 fire season is now in full swing for the south and southwest regions. It is hoped that it will not be nearly as intense as last year’s season. The National Weather Service has declared the La Nina weather pattern over, and the drought conditions that plagued the region are slowly waning. Western regions have experienced a wet winter adding to already heavy fuel load, setting the stage for a past due active season.

The Never Ending Season

The U.S. 2011 fire season has come to a close in most parts of the country, except Texas! The Lone Star State has suffered its most devastating fire season in history and it just doesn’t seem to be letting up.

Time flies

Every three years the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) issues new contracts for SEATs. I received my copy about a week ago. There were no big changes from past contracts and most of the new items are related to pilot training and safety. All pilots will now be required to pass a mission competency evaluation.

Changes coming

The 2010 summer fire season is more than halfway over. Unless something changes, this season will be the third slow season in a row. The National Preparedness was still at Level 2 on a scale of 1-5 (as of August 1). In comparison, the last two years we were at Level 3 by this time; which is still a low number for a normal year.

Air Tractor Europe introduces dual cockpit AT-802A Fire Boss

In March 2010 Air Tractor Europe S.L., based in Valencia, Spain, became the first European operator of the dual cockpit Air Tractor AT-802A Fire...

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