Aerial Fire News

    Fire burns 11,000 acres in Nebraska

    A wildfire April 22nd burned 11,000 acres near Thedford, Nebraska threatening at one point to spread to buildings in the community.

    B747-400 SUPERTANKER

    The B747-400 SuperTanker is the true “Next Gen” air tanker. It joins the world's fleet of aerial firefighting tankers not only as the youngest VLAT (VERY LARGE AIR TANKER) but with almost twice the capacity of the next largest aerial tanker.

    Bambi Bucket bolsters aerial firefighting in Brazil

    Delta, Canada - SEI Industries Ltd. is proud to announce the delivery of the very first Bambi Torrentula® Bucket to the Brazilian Navy.

    Hellenic Air Force suffers its second CL-215 crash of the year.

    The status of Greece’s aerial fire-fighting armada is in crisis after the Hellenic Air Force endured its third major CL-215/415 disaster since 2014. On June 26, 2016 at 11:09 GMT, the piston-engine, fire-fighting aircraft of the Hellenic Air Force, the Canadair CL-215, crashed close to the village of Stefani, near the Dervenochoria area, approximately 30 km northwest of Athens.

    Patent application for a disposable air tanker

    John A. Hoffman, who appears to be associated with Fire Termination Equipment, Inc., has applied for a U. S. Patent for a very different type of air tanker.

    Providing aid to Chile

    Fresh off a mission in Israel in November, the big Boeing made the five-thousand plus mile trip to Santiago arriving January 25. It was immediately put to work and its 20,000-gallon drop capacity soon made a difference in the firefight. After being credited with saving several communities from certain destruction, the SuperTanker team was given an award by the Chilean Red Cross for its humanitarian act.

    Macedonian AT-802A Fire Boss’s travel to Spain for annual inspections

    One year after their delivery to the Republic of Macedonia, two Air Tractor AT-802A "Fire Boss" amphibious fire-fighting planes from Macedonia's Protection and Rescue...

    Flexible tanks making money

    TURTLE-PAC’S light weight FERRY TANKS increases range to be able to take on Firefighting contracts even overseas. Used by CV580 and BAE-146. Collapsible AIRCARGO TANKS...

    Living the dream

    Life of a SEAT pilot Often, I am asked, "What is it like to be a SEAT pilot?" My reply usually is, “I have the...

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