Active season; reduced contracts

Most areas of the country have experienced a spring that has been much colder and wetter than normal. April snow was common with many...

Seasons are Changing

On October 1st the National Interagency Fire Council (NIFC) reduced the National Situation Report from daily to weekly. On that same day the National Preparedness...

Fire on the mountain, lightning in the sky

Texas is one big state! Travelers passing through the Lone Star State like to say that once they leave Texas they are surely almost...

Fire Season Off to a Different Start

A conventional fire season would be where the majority of activity sprung up in the American Southwest. In a twisted start for the 2016 fire season, the vast majority of fires have been with our Canadian neighbors.

Getting the job done

A new fire season is already upon us. It seems like the last one just ended! Texas released most of its firefighting assets around Thanksgiving with the understanding things would probably get busy again in early spring.

Struggling With the Government

January has morphed into February and with it sees the return of the Southern Plains winter fire season. Predictive Services is forecasting a huge...

“There I was…Fokkers everywhere!” Why taking your training seriously matters.

“…Flat Rock Air Tac, Tanker 800 at the Initial Point.” OK, let’s see how long it takes him to get his act together and...

Tough Times

Summer is here and all of my fellow fire pilots are chomping at the bit to go on duty. Hopefully, by the time you...

Aerial Fire Fighting’s tool box

America's aerial firefighting fleet is a large and diversified one. Often referred to as a tool box with each tool having a specific use.

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