The Drop – Summer editorial

Here we are into the second issue of AerialFire after breaking out as a separate publication from its sister publication, AgAir Update, due to reader demand for more aerial fire content. 

After more than 15 years as a section in the international agricultural aviation publication AgAir Update, branded as AirFire & Forestry, now is the birth of AerialFire. With the increase in aerial firefighting worldwide, a point was reached for AgAir Update’s aerial firefighting content to stand on its own. 

As mentioned in the first issue by Bill Lavender, publisher, the passing of the original editor of AirFire & Forestry (now AerialFire) Marc Mullis was a shock to all who knew him. I find it fitting to honor Marc and his many years of dedication to the industry that AirFire & Forestry’s name be retired with his passing. Like retiring the jersey of a beloved football player, AirFire and Forestry recognizes Marc’s legacy in the industry and AerialFire takes up where he left off.

While it is impossible to fill the void left by Marc, we at AerialFire will do our best to continue to build a print and digital magazine that is not only respected, but remains the leading source of media coverage for the aerial firefighting industry.

A magazine, in my opinion, is only as good as the people that read it. With that said, the AerialFire team wants to provide content you want to read. While AgAir Update and inherently AirFire & Forestry were once an offshoot born from the SEAT world, AerialFire aims to be a publication that draws from all aspects of the aerial firefighting industry providing a mix of content that covers all aircraft within the sector.

We cannot, however, effectively do that without input from the reader. I encourage you to tell us how we are doing and what you want to see more or less of; helping provide content from the industry that highlights both the highs and lows of aerial firefighting. As we continue to build the magazine subscriber base, you will see a more active presence from us on social media through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Become part of the discussion to help us build a vibrant online community that strives to learn from one another through shared experiences. 

If you do not receive our weekly news eEdition email, AerialFire’s weekly roundup eEdition of everything aerial firefighting related around the globe, visit to sign up. Each week the eEdition provides news within the aerial firefighting industry and a link to the latest online version of the print magazine. 

I look forward to meeting some of you in the field and at upcoming events this year.

Until the next issue,

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