Kincade Fire Nearing 60% Containment as Aerial Firefighting Efforts Continue

As of 7 p.m. Wednesday, CalFire released information stating that the Kincade fire that has burned for more than a week has reached over 60% containment thanks to a massive assault on the area now stretching over 75,000 acres in Northern California.

As a ground fire crew continues to fight flames in the distance, a fence lays melted by the heat of the Kincade fire as it passed through Sonoma County. Photo courtesy Sgt. Mike Daniels/SCSO

Although nearly 300 structures, including 140 homes have been lost during the massive blaze, CalFire’s ever increasing response to try and quell the fire appears to finally be turning the tide on any new growth. The fire stood at between 10-15% containment for several days as the fire grew from 26,000 acres to over 70,000 fanned by Santa Ana winds.

The 10 Tanker Air Carrier DC-10 lays down a layer of fire retardant during flight operations on the Kincade fire October 30th. Photo by Jeremy Ulloa/Surface2air photo

Calfire’s response to the Kincade fire now numbers over 5,000 personnel and 27 helicopters dedicated to fighting the fire. In addition to the helicopter assets, the Global Super Tanker was dispatched to the area this week and along with a fleet of other aircraft that includes several of Neptune’s BAE-146’s, several DC-10’s from 10 Tanker Air Carrier and P-3 Orion’s from Chico based Airstrike in addition to CalFire’s state owned firefighting aircraft.

Mandatory evacuations are in place for four zones currently in the fire’s path, with another ten under evacuation warnings that have so far, thanks to the hard work of first responders resulted in zero fatalities.

Mutual aid for the fire response from law enforcement has been seen in the area from agencies including the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, Stockton Police, and San Joaquin County Sheriff’s office.

Members of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office assisting on the Kincade fire for mutual aid pose for a picture in Windsor, California. Photo courtesy Sgt. Mike Daniels/SCSO.

CalFire stated in its latest press release that the agency is anticipating the fire to be in full containment by November 7th, 2019

Story cover image by Cole Euken/Euken Photography

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