SEI Demonstrates Sling Dragon and Bambi Max in Brazil

SEI Industries’ new SLING DRAGON AND BAMBI MAX put on an impressive display at the International Wildfire Conference being held in Campo Grande, Brazil.

As part of the conference’s Technological Advances on Prevention and Fighting Wildfire information sessions, SEI Industries coordinated with their local agent; Tecnoagro Projetos & Representações Ltda. and IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources) to demonstrate an aerial controlled burn using SEI’s new SLING DRAGON followed by the BAMBI MAX.

“The SLING DRAGON was developed to increase safety and performance by removing the machine from inside the aircraft and slinging it from the helicopter cargo hook with a set of steel suspension cables,” explains Sergio Fukamati, director of SEI’s Aerial Firefighting Division.

The SLING DRAGON is safely operated by the pilot with a hand control switch and the complete ignition operation occurs outside the aircraft and separate from the helicopter flight deck eliminating the need of a crew operator. With a much-increased capacity of 5,000 spheres and seven speed setting, the SLING DRAGON is equipped with a GPS tracker that records the drops coordinates on a MicroSD card, allowing users to easily view a map of their burn area.

“The SLING DRAGON represents a brand-new concept for aerial ignition applications and is the safest and most efficient aerial ignition product available today,” comments Mr. Fukamati.

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