Perimeter Solutions Partners with 10 Tanker Air Carrier to Fight Mexico Wildfires

CLAYTON, Mo – Perimeter Solutions partnered with 10 Tanker Air Carrier, a world leader in aerial firefighting, to set up operations in Laredo, Texas to provide support to agencies in Mexico that work to extinguish and prevent the spread of active wildfires. Through this partnership, 10 Tanker provided a DC-10 aircraft for a base in Laredo, and Perimeter Solutions equipped their plane with its PHOS-CHEK® long-term fire retardant (LTR). Fully qualified by the USDA Forest Service, PHOS-CHEK is the safest, widest used, most effective, and most environmentally friendly LTR in the world.

“This partnership is a great example of how you can bring resources together to better address challenges like wildfires, which are becoming increasingly pervasive and dangerous,” says Shannon Horn, Business Director, North America Retardant and Services for Perimeter Solutions. “Compared to the capabilities that we have in the United States, including an expansive national agency like the US Forest Service that dedicates resources to preventing and suppressing wildfires, what Mexico has is very limited and it is imperative that organizations like ours and 10 Tanker provide this support.”

The partnership was put to the test in late March when a wildfire erupted in the Sierra de Santiago region in the state of Coahuila near Monterrey, Mexico. The fire started on March 16 and by March 25, more than 1,100 people were evacuated from their homes as the blaze destroyed roughly 20,000 acres of land. Perimeter Solutions set up a mobile unit on Sunday, March 28 and with 10 Tanker, they were in Coahuila to start the LTR drop. Unfortunately, they were met with unfavorable weather and had to delay their aerial campaign for a day. Once the weather cleared up and Captain Dan Montelli was able to take off in the 10 Tanker T-912, the team made an immediate impact, as the spread of the fire was slowed by the PHOS-CHEK LTR.

“We completed ten missions during the Coahuila fires and dropped nearly 100,000 gallons of PHOS-CHEK onto the fire zones. 10 Tanker is proud to partner with Perimeter Solutions in this important endeavor, and we are honored to play a role in the protection of life and property for the residents of Mexico,” says John Gould, president of 10 Tanker Air Carrier.

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About 10 Tanker Air Carrier
10 Tanker Air Carrier is an Albuquerque, New Mexico-based company that supports firefighters around the world with four DC-10 Very Large Airtankers. Development of the DC-10 began in 2002, and since its first mission in 2006, the aircraft has become renowned for its operational capabilities and cost-effectiveness.

About Perimeter Solutions
Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, Perimeter Solutions is a premier global solutions provider, producing high-quality firefighting products and lubricant additives. The company develops products that impact critically important issues of life – issues where there often is no room for error and the job doesn’t offer second chances. At Perimeter, we characterize the solutions we develop as ‘Solutions that Save’ – because it helps underscore what we are trying to accomplish for our customers and the world at large, across all of our business segments.  Perimeter Solutions produces major brands known throughout the world like PHOS-CHEK® and FIRE-TROL® retardant, foam and gel products; AUXQUIMIA® and SOLBERG® foam products; and BIOGEMA® extinguishing agents and retardants.

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