Coulson Aviation’s Newest Helitanker Takes Flight

Coulson Aviation debuted the newest aircraft in its aerial firefighting arsenal earlier this month over the Alberni Valley.

Chinook N43CU, a helitanker, was just converted with Coulson’s RADS-L tanking system that allows it to carry up to 3,000 gallons of fire suppressant. It is Coulson’s fifth CH47D Chinook in the company’s fleet.

The Chinook flew its first flights over the city since a complete overhaul and airframe conversion that took place at the Alberni Valley Regional Airport in Coulson’s hangar.

The Chinook left April 10 for Irvine, Calif., where it will get a new coat of paint at International Aerospace Coatings (IAC). “We have painted them here in Port Alberni as well, we use various vendors based on timeline requirements,” a Coulson Aviation spokesperson said.

Coulson’s other four Chinook helicopters were in Chile for that country’s summer season, working for two different companies at four air bases. They have been loaded into a cargo ship for the return trip to their home base at the Coulson Unical hangar in San Bernardino, California.

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