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Keeping the Airspace Safe by Providing a Buffer Zone for Ground and Aerial Resources

ALASKA – A Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) is in place for the airspace over fires Pike Creek (#239)/Koktuli River (#240) and Upper Talarik (#205). Aviation resources continue to arrive throughout southwest Alaska to support fire operations, including fixed wing aerial observation platforms; water scooping fixed wings; general logistics aircraft; helicopters moving personnel dropping water. These aircraft are used to support ground crews and can reach remote locations that can’t be reached or are more efficient with limited resources. As fire activity increases in both scope and complexity, aircraft presence will continue to increase. It is being asked to avoid the area to provide a safe environment for firefighting aircraft and to reduce the potential for air-to-air collisions.

Unauthorized aircraft, including drones, near wildfires could cause injury or death to firefighters and hampers their ability to protect lives, property, and natural resources. Aerial firefighting may be suspended until unauthorized aircraft leave the area, which could result in uncontrolled fire growth. Remember: If you fly, we can’t!

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