Coulson’s Tanker 139 Crashes in Western Australia

Coulson’s Tanker 139, registered as N619SW, has crashed while fighting fires in Western Australia. Tanker 139 was in Australia for the fire season as part of a multi-year contract with the Australian government.

The aircraft was believed to be on its third mission of the day, operating out of Busselton Airport in Western Australia when it departed at 1532 local time for another mission. After reaching 29,000 AGL the aircraft then descended to 700 feet to lay retardant lines according to flight tracking before the accident occurred at approximately 1600 local time.

The aircraft came down in an area near Fitzgerald National Park where both pilots, the only crew members on board the aircraft were able to self-extricate from the aircraft before being airlifted by helicopter to a local airport before being moved to a Perth hospital by the Royal Flying Doctors service, though initial reports advise that both pilots only have minor injuries from the crash.

Coulson Aviation released this statement shortly after the accident:

“One of our 737 FireLiner’s, Tanker 139, operating in Western Australia was involved in an accident while tasked to a fire Monday, 6 February 2023. The aircraft had two crew on board at the time of the accident.
Both pilots walked away from the crash and have been medically assessed. Our thoughts and our immediate concern is for those team members and their families.
We’re very grateful the two team members on Tanker 139 are safe.
We are offering all the support we can to our local and international crews. We’re also grateful for the support being provided by our firefighting and aviation industry colleagues in Western Australia.”
This is the second crash of a Coulson Aircraft since the 2019 loss of a Coulson C-130 in New South Wales.
This is a breaking story and will be updated with further information as it becomes available.
Ryan Mason
Ryan Mason
Ryan is an accomplished writer and aerial photographer that has worked in the aviation industry for over a decade before co-founding AerialFire Magazine. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, Ryan is a former police officer that focuses his writing and photography efforts on para-public operations and agricultural aviation.

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