Paraclete Aviation Life Support Announces Increasing Composite Capabilities While Decreasing Lead Times

CLARKSVILLE, TN, February 3, 2023 — As Paraclete Aviation Life Support embarks on the New Year 2023, the company is pleased to announce a 300% increase in composite manufacturing capabilities in fulfillment of the company’s core pillars of safety and comfort through innovation. In October, Paraclete announced the company’s new president with Anthony Economos who served as Paraclete’s VP since the company’s launch in 2014 and is dedicated to launching major innovations this year in recognition of Paraclete’s growing presence in the global civilian aviation helmet market.

With the company’s increased composite capabilities as well as Paraclete’s 84% increased office space, Economos said the new efficiency process will decrease lead times from 30 days to two weeks.

“To create a stronger tomorrow, we are establishing high-level efficiencies to smooth the flow of distribution by unlocking the supply chain funnel while stabilizing the workforce,” said Economos. “The market requires stability through the practice and processes of re-creating that stability for the benefit of serving our growing customer base.”

The company’s growing presence of Paraclete’s commitment to bring safety to all parts of the world with increased composite capabilities is reflected in its top-selling helmet, the Aspida Carbon.

“Our entire mission is to innovate the manufacturing of aviation helmets for the global industry by designing our helmets with modern composites for the purpose of protection and comfort,” said Economos. “Our rotor- and fixed-wing helmet, the Aspida-D Type 1 and 2 represents the modern helmet certified by the U.S. Department of Interior/U.S. Forest Service [DOI/USFS] Aviation Helmet Standard constructed with a unique composite shell designed with a shock-absorbent shell core, and supported by extensive third-party testing.”

Dominating the topic of helmet safety is Paraclete’s core pillars of safety and comfort through innovation is the Aspida Carbon helmet, as noted by John Grindstaff, ME, BSN, RN, Paramedic Supervisor, Air Medical, HCA Healthcare, North Carolina Division.

“Donning a Paraclete Aspida helmet for several years in the air medical environment, our experience has been very positive, The Aspida allows for a proper fit across a wide range of head sizes while it is simple and easy to maintain in house thanks to the factory training. Paraclete has proven to be a good business partner and provides prompt, courteous customer support when needed. We look forward to many more years of use and utility from the Paraclete helmets.”

For Economos, the Aspida Carbon is more than a helmet; it’s the person wearing the helmet.

“We started out as a helmet provider and we remain a dedicated source of civilian aviation helmets — subject matter experts in the ‘people protection business’,” said Economos. “We are building relationships, as part of something greater than a product, generating confidence in safety first through consistency built over time that says we are here today and tomorrow.”


Paraclete Aviation Life Support designs, develops and manufactures Aviation Life Support Equipment [ALSE] focused on reusability driven by the company’s ALSE training services to ensure the helmets are properly and timely maintained. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified corporation, Paraclete has secured Helmet Aviation Standard certifications for its entire product line and all sizes for its civilian aviation helmets set forth by the U.S. Department of Interior [DOI] /U.S. Forest Service [USFS], For more information about Paraclete products, training and/or sales, contact, or visit, 931.274.7947, and/or their new office location at 1760 Jardco Dr, Clarksville, TN 37040.

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