SEI Industries demos the BAMBI MAX with Eagle Copters South America

SEI Industries and Eagle Copters South America hosted a BAMBI MAX Aerial Firefighting System information session which was followed by a demonstration using a...

HAI Provides Reporting Tool for Rotorcraft Pilots

The HAI Aviation Reporting Program (HARP) was developed by the association’s Operations Department specifically for helicopter pilots, with customized data fields for manned and unmanned rotary-wing operations. The program is accessible from any Web-enabled device.

Simplex and Eurocopter demonstrate high rise firefighting capability

Simplex Manufacturing and Eurocopter have completed a demonstration of Simplex's newest High Rise Firefighting system for the Eurocopter EC225 in Hong Kong as part of the China Air Show.

IMS New Zealand experiences ongoing growth and success with the Cloudburst Fire Bucket

Sales throughout the South American, Asia Pacific and European regions are up as the modern, simple, and extremely effective Cloudburst Bucket exceeds demands around...

Pratt & Whitney Announces Track: A Mobile Tracking Tool for Employees and Customers

ATLANTA, April 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Pratt & Whitney, a division of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX), will showcase its latest digital project, an externally-facing mobile application...

Sikorsky Recognizes L.A. County Fire for Aerial Firefighting Role in Woolsey fire

During a March 12 ceremony at the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors, Sikorsky North America Regional Executive Jeanette Eaton presented Fire Chief Darryl Osby with the Sikorsky Humanitarian Award.

Innovation brings efficiency to helicopter operation

Aerial forestry work can be challenging, not only by its very nature but its financial limitations as well. This can be compounded when contract work in forestry is with a helicopter.

Bambi Buckets for Lakotas in Texas

For what looks to be a potentially bad year for wildland fire in the central United States, the Texas AASF will be Bambi Bucket prepared.

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