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Vicente Huerta: Air Tractor AT-802, my business success formula

Vicente Huerta Dominguez, Jr., the owner and CEO of the Spanish company Air Tractor Europe celebrates the acquisition by his company of Air Tractor...

AT-802 Firebomber fleet of nine in Spain

VALENCIA, SPAIN — Avialsa is a Spanish company that has been working in firefighting and spraying contracts since 1965. In the early years, Avialsa...

Mato Grosso initiate air campaign against fires with two AT-802F

Since the first one AT-802F was dedicated to the MILITARY FIRE BRIGADE OF THE STATE OF MATO GROSSO - CBM/MT, the pilots and terrestrial troops have been busy fighting against the fires in the whole State.

BITOLA AIRSHOW – Macedonia 2010

The sole airshow organized on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia during the year 2010 took place on 18 and 19 September 2010...

Air Tractor AT-802 – The newest weapon of the Israeli air force

Israel possesses one of the most powerful air forces of the Middle East. Because of this, it was shocking that Medinat Yisrael (The State of Israel) went to its knees in early December 2010 because it was not able to appropriately face, fight and win the battle against the wildfire.

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