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The Never Ending Season

The U.S. 2011 fire season has come to a close in most parts of the country, except Texas! The Lone Star State has suffered its most devastating fire season in history and it just doesn’t seem to be letting up.

Fires Downunder

Convair will supply flight crews and support personal over the period of the contract. Other duties, such as dispatch and management, will be performed by Australians. Along with two Skycrane's and other local assets, this will constitute by far the largest aerial firefighting force ever assembled in the country.

Air Tractor shines at 2011 Paris Air Show

The 49th International Paris Air Show, known locally as "Le Salon du Bourget" and recognized as the world's oldest and largest air & space...

Simplex Manufacturing granted first China STC

Simplex Manufacturing has been granted a Validation of Supplemental Type Certificate (VSTC) from the Peoples Republic of China for its Robinson R44 agricultural spray...

Time flies

Every three years the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) issues new contracts for SEATs. I received my copy about a week ago. There were no big changes from past contracts and most of the new items are related to pilot training and safety. All pilots will now be required to pass a mission competency evaluation.

Balkan countries with an impressive Fleet

Today, the plan for providing Macedonia's Protection and Rescue Directorate with aerial firefighting capabilities has been completed giving the small Balkan country a strategic and above all, dedicated aerial fire-fighting asset.

Changes coming

The 2010 summer fire season is more than halfway over. Unless something changes, this season will be the third slow season in a row. The National Preparedness was still at Level 2 on a scale of 1-5 (as of August 1). In comparison, the last two years we were at Level 3 by this time; which is still a low number for a normal year.

Croatia transforms its sole land-based AT-802A into an amphibian Fire Boss

The Croatian Air Force (Hrvatsko Ratno Zrakoplovstvo - HRZ) has recently increased its amphibian firefighting fleet by one aircraft. This was achieved by the conversion of a land-based Air Tractor AT-802A (military serial number 896) into an amphibian Air Tractor AT-802A Fire Boss.

Air Tractor Europe introduces dual cockpit AT-802A Fire Boss

In March 2010 Air Tractor Europe S.L., based in Valencia, Spain, became the first European operator of the dual cockpit Air Tractor AT-802A Fire...

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